Courage of Your Own Opinion

Talk openly, straightfowardly, not behind one's back or gossiping around.
We can work together only when we communicate honestly.


Responsibility of Your Own Actions
Fulfill in time the assumed or assigned actions and tasks.
If we cannot count on each other, there is no sense in being together.

Respect the Team Members

Avoid to attack any party colleague either in public or in mass media.

Only our political opponents benefit from these attacks.


Priority of the Common Interest

Accept and respect the majority's decision because the common goal is above
the personal ego.

Being united is our biggest advantage.

Appeal to Honour

Refuse any undeserved material rewards offered by any third parties
in order to make use of the URR's member position.

We are not here for money.

Emphasis on Initiative
Bring new and daring ideas and get fully involved in their achievement.
The time of "all-knowing" persons is gone;
it’s high time for each and everyone to take personal initiative.

Right of the Second Chance

Admit when you make mistakes and accept the others' admitted mistakes.

The road ahead it is not always right and bright.


Focus on Solutions

Criticize only when you have a better solution.

We all wish for the best and it is important to find out the right track.


Pragmatical Approach

Always present the reality to the others, even if it is not pink or it disadvantages you.

We want to build down here on earth, not up there in the skies.

Shared Power

Strive to gather valuable people around you.

Use your own power to increase the power of those around you.


©2003 The Uniunion for the Reconstruction of Romania - URR