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Closed: 31.12.2004
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Young Romanian managers begin to have a voice in politics. A new party, established by them, today makes its first public appearance -
The Union for the Reconstruction of Romania - www.urr.ro

Our reasons

It is our strong belief that the pace and, quite often, the sense of Romania's existing political parties' actions are most of the time disheartening through their lack of coherence and perspective, and especially through the lack of adaptation to the Romanian economic reality and to Romanians' rightful and natural aspirations.

Subsequently to the fall of the Communist regime in Romania, political parties that led the country were more focused on managing crisis, rather than being focused on finding and implementing political solutions for halting the country decline and for securing fast and constant growth.

The Romanian political class, on its whole, proved and continues to prove it doesn't have vision and expertise; small politics and group interests effectively suffocated any opportunities for Romania to benefit from initially positive international conjecture.

We believe Romania's long-term chances for European integration, thus its chances for economic and social growth, are significantly diminished unless we succeed, within the shortest amount of time, to aggregate a real new, trustworthy and competent political force.

Our vision

We want to put to work an idea that the true measure for acknowledging a nation is the acknowledgement of the nation's each individual.

We want to prove this is also possible for Romania, provided that decision factors in the country maintain close contacts with the real world and promote real honest and experienced people for leading positions within public local and central administration.

We want to act for getting Romania back to normal. By this we understand

  • effective political democracy;
  • free economic, social and cultural initiative;
  • stable legislative framework, able to sustain constant economic growth;
  • operational and easy to access social services;
  • equal tax treatment for all economic entities;
  • equal and prompt enforcement of the law, starting with the political and economical structures' top.

Last, but not least, we constantly want to contribute to Romania's shift toward a European nation. We want Romania to become an active member of the European family, behaving itself not only as a beneficiary from opportunities provided by EU, but also as a partner capable of growing the richness of the common European patrimony.


Contact person: Diana Uriciuc, General Secretary - tel.: 021-315.19.48 - email: diana.calfa@urr.ro


Cosmin Alexandru
President, Union for the Reconstruction of Romania

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