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Closed: 31.12.2004
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Subsequently to press stories that suggested a connection between the Union for the Reconstruction of Romania and the former Romanian President Emil Constantinescu, I feel it is my duty to come forward with several issues:


First, between URR and Mr.Emil Constantinescu there was no connection, there is no connection and we don't intend to establish a connection in the future. This is true not only in connection with the former President of Romania, but also in connection with any other political personality or political party currently existing in Romania.

URR does not belong to Emil Constantinescu, nor to somebody else, excepting those that put a daily effort into growing it.
URR came out and grows as a clear alternative to current political class, on its whole, and not for reviving or promoting anyone within this political class. We want to perform a new type of politics and we will not rank political personalities that already had a chance of expressing their possibilities among us.


Second, my personal activity with ASPEC (the Support Association for President Emil Constantinescu), between February and July 2001, was strictly of a professional and managerial nature. I was by no means involved into political decisions related to the President or to the activity of a certain political party. I was never member of a political party.

I tried to help the former President from a position of civic action, as for me that was one of the few opportunities of the time to prevent a come back to power of the former evil PDSR governance.

The result was different than hoped, but I learnt a lot and the direct observing experience definitely persuaded me that resources for leveling the Romanian economy unfortunately are outside the political class, no matter the ideological color of its exponents.


Third, the idea of creating URR belongs to us, the founding members, and not to a politician or business angel. Our top priority is to gather and effectively use competence resources Romania has, inside and outside its boundaries, within a modern political structure. We look for people willing to decide whether they want to work together, inside the political arena, for the common good.


Fourth is our answer to stupid issues like "URR owns headquarters more luxuriant than older parties and bank accounts in USD with six zeros on the tale". Right now we have just one headquarters, not rented from state, where we can be visited any day in the week, between 10 a.m. and 8 p.m. With respect to bank accounts in hard currency, we have barely opened one today, as a result of the large support requests coming from members of the Romanian Diaspora, and this bank account has only one zero for the time being.


Fifth and final, I am open to answer to any questions related to reasons that fuel our action, as well as to results so far of the effort deposited by all of us through setting up URR.

(tel./fax: 315.19.48, email: cosmin.alexandru@urr.ro ).


The thousands of support messages we received in the first two days of public presence honor us and make us responsible.

Together with all those offering to lend a helping hand, we will build the alternative Romania so desperately needs, no matter the pace and size of defamation and libel others will continue to try to inflict upon us.


Cosmin Alexandru
President, Union for the Reconstruction of Romania

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