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Uniunea pentru Reconstrucția României - URR
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Closed: 31.12.2004
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We are 100 percent honest in our intentions. We are just people like many other Romanians. Perhaps one of the differences stays with the fact that we do have a future for ourselves here, in Romania, but we are well aware that many Romanians don't have such a future.


We're neither philanthropists, nor selfless altruists. We want to change Romania to a normal and wealthy country because we want to live and breed our children here. A middle class is needed for that, namely a large layer of wealthy people. More, there is a strong need for a climate that supports work, value and law upholding. We don't even believe this is difficult to be done; it is difficult, though, to reach a position where one has the power to do it.


Everything on our website, www.urr.ro, is the fruit of our sleepless nights when we dreamed about a Romania we want and we believe we can build. We will surely be able to fulfill these dreams, but not alone and not without support from all believers in what we believe. For us stand the facts that we are all well trained and understand how an organization targeted on reaching a goal is built.


We know one may hardly believe that thirty determined and honest young people popped out just like that from the blue. Still, despite the large numbers of skeptical people, everything is true. And people like us are many, many more. And one withstanding proof lies with the fact that just a week after www.trafic.ro began counting accesses on our site, www.urr.ro topped all political parties websites and stands third within the political section, after the Romanian Government site and the Governmental e-procurement site, but well before the Presidency site.

We kept quiet for too long and we accepted too much a domination coming from crooks, humbugs and puppeteers. We reached a stage where we came to believe things could not be different. Maybe this is indeed the situation. Still, we are determined to try and do something ourselves before we will say nothing can be changed.


For the time being, our word is the only offer we have. Maybe we are dreamers, naive and unused to scumbags in the Romanian politics, but we surely are no crooks and no corrupted. We didn't steal, we didn't take any bribe, and we didn't leech any state company. We don't intend to start doing something like this, neither now, nor later.

For us the best way for personal wealth would be to keep out from politics and take care only of our own interests. Some people already suspected us of becoming like the others after we will see ourselves seated on leading positions. Something like this will not happen. Simply because the seats we already seat on are soft enough.

Politics represent for us a service for the citizen, like businesses are services for customers. Still, we naturally want something in return for what we give- a normal country for our children.


Taking this road we have to face an important issue - keeping our beliefs alive within URR. That is why we will register as party members only those individuals that we are convinced of, related to sharing our values and aspirations.

No politician that currently is suspected of being tied to us, no matter the party he belongs to, will thus be a member of us. We take no part in any political combination, neither from PNL, nor from PNCTD or from any other party. We clearly stand for certain moral principles and for those that believe in them.


Regarding Mr. Adrian Nastase recent attack against URR, we have to say that, according to the law, his obligation is to provide answers, not to the question of who is URR and what does it want, but to another question, namely how was it possible for him to gather, after 12 years of working only with state institutions, multiple personal properties, like land, farms, works of art, while the great majority of those that similarly worked with state institutions barely have now the money to pay their monthly fees.

His focus shouldn't be URR; instead, he should focus on calming down his impulses and growls, as well as the dictatorial reflexes of the clique surrounding him, reflexes that might shift PSD toward a party-state, organized with pure Mafia style.


His and others attempt to diminish the honesty and rectitude ideas represented by us is outdated and brings losses. Methods applied by PSD "specialists" for more than 50 years do not scare us and do not push us aside from our path. Instead they make us clench our teeth harder and work more in order to replace the system that creates and feeds them.


We take this opportunity to tell guilty people with National newspaper that cringing to PSD rumor "strategists" and kissing their ass will bring no other benefits, except some silver coins threw away by their masters.



Cosmin Alexandru
President, Union for the Reconstruction of Romania

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