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Date: 10.27.2002


URR is launching its first local organizations

The Union for the Reconstruction of Romania - URR has launched, by the end of this week, its first two local organizations, opened the first one in Iasi and the second one in Constanta.


The launch of the URR local organizations took place in the same time with the outburst of the public campaign for putting a stop to language alteration by Pruteanu's way in these cities.


Present at the launching event of the URR Iasi subsidiary, Cosmin Alexandru, the president of The Union for the Reconstruction of Romania, stated: "It is highly regrettable that in such a city of the importance of Iasi, there is almost no political opposition in real terms. The complete process of turning managerial and economical structures to the PSD politics; this is a very obvious and quite concerning thing. URR Iasi has decided to break this monopole that is suffocating the local development and to offer to the inhabitants of the city Iasi a model of active and efficient opposition."


The local URR Iasi subsidiary is led by Ionut Nechita, 26 years, president - Senior Consultant of the Communitarian Development Iasi Centre (Consulting and Management Agency) also drd at the "Al. I. Cuza" Iasi University, the Faculty of Economics and Business Management, speciality "International Economical Relations".

Members of the Iasi Local Committee Board are also: Ciprian Mitoseriu (vice-president), Razvan Dragomir (vice-president), Dragos Andries (vice-president) and Iulia Gavrilita (secretary - treasurer).


The official opening of the Constanta local URR organization took place in the presence of the General Secretary of the Party, Diana Uriciuc, who declared: "The launching of the local URR organizations in two of the biggest cities of Romania, shows the interest we are all having in creating a strong and coherent opposition on the local level in order to counteract the growing influence of the government party which is imposed continuously, more and more,".


The Constanta Local Committee Board is: Marius Fugaru, president, Nicolae Damu, vice-president, Amet Ghiursel, vice-president, Tiberiu Breban, vice-president and Calin Cristian, secretary - treasurer.


As a novelty of the organizational system in the territory of Romanian parties, according to the URR Statute, the local organizations have complete autonomy over the taking of the decisions, over the administration, over the modalities of financing or development of the projects.


You can find additional info linked to the Iasi or Constanta URR local organizations by accessing the URR site, www.urr.ro, the People section.

National Directing Committee,
The Union for the Reconstruction of Romania - URR

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