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2002 finacial report
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Date: 11.05.2002


Open letter addressed to PM Adrian Nastase
on his 666 governing days


Dear Mr. Nastase,


As a consequence to the top 100 wealthy Romanians chart issued by the Capital magazine, the government you are leading should launch, after 666 days of governing, the 22 millions poorer Romanians chart.


You cannot utter other claims since your main concern is to rip off the Romanian people of all that have left them. You arrogate to yourself, slowly but definitely, the outside the budget revenues turning the Romanian Government into the discreet owner of the amount of taxes Romanians are paying on every occasion.


Either we are talking about the Register of Commerce, nationalized by the Ministry of Justice, either we are talking about the boldness tip sucked in directly by the counselors of your ministers in order to revive a private bank, the government lead by you has a tendency to monopolize everything and to claim it for its own purpose.


When you cannot gulp down the institutions’ founds, as is the situation of the universities – which do not have ways of producing them, then, as you like to think of yourself as to a prince, then the princes’ will is quite tired up by so many functions – by a new legislative proposal the Ministry of Education and Researches has the desire to denominate all deans of all universities around the country.


When there are not any more titles to grab, the magnanimously leader you are embodying has to thank ones ego with symbolical, but sincere and enthusiastic gestures, widely debated on the evening TV news - "Monday, the 4 th November, Mister Adrian Nastase has received in a festive environment the title of honorable citizen of the Mizil town as a manifestation of the distinguished appreciation and sound gratitude". Cheers, prolonged applauses!


The fact that PSD engrossed from the latest elections more mayors then he actually won the elections with, and of course, you alone cover an equally broadcasted media time to all the other political leaders taken as a whole. All these issues represent realities that put Romania right outside Europe a lot more clearly than simultaneous opening and closing of all negotiations chapters with UE, NATO or any other civilized countries organization.


The political boyars "á la Adrian Nastase" is known as a registered mark accompanied by the unmistakable header "Made only in Romania and in Romania alone" and that he would not probably be affected by the
de-conspiracy of the ministers' business partners counsellors, because one should know PSD party members do not pick each others eyes and do not upset one’s other plans!


Exception is given by the two most distinguished PSD members - yourself and Mr. Ion Iliescu - who are upsetting each other's plans playing the anticipated elections game, making nervous your members party, uncertain party members of the individual links to the chief-puppeteers, as well as a great number of the "opposition" parties who do not know anymore for how long they have to mime having a big mouth.


The sadder the true, the political Romanian scene is now entrapped in an idea, personalities and especially principle crisis. The moment the governors leave the negotiation room, having discussed with political European institutions or with the international financial institutions, the grotesque turns to being natural, the colourful gipsy like politics replaces the symphony and the Romanians are once again preserved in an amorphous assisted body.


The Union for the Reconstruction of Romania - URR takes attitude towards the way you understand to compromise the very idea of democracy in Romania, of the way you encourage and control the absolute monopole of the state-party which does nothing more but denies regular Romanians of every chance they have got left for an autonomous and lasting developing.


Cosmin Alexandru
President, Union for the Reconstruction of Romania - URR

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