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Date: 12.22.2002


Who is paying respects to whom, 13 years from the December 1989 sacrifices?



Every year towards its end we celebrate the December Revolution, but are we really remembering what is that we are celebrating? Every time, on these occasions, those who are leading us are competing with each other in uttering meaningless but spectacular speeches, perfect copies of those of the last years. And indeed, how can they express their real feelings and thoughts if they do not feel nor do they think anything real about the December Revolution?


Each final period of the year is being used by these politicians in order to improve a little bit their image. By doing this, they tend more to offend those they are paying their respects to, the wounded and the dead of the December Revolution. But why do they do otherwise, when to them, the December Revolution is nothing more but the very occasion of promoting them, of gaining the power and of growing richer and richer not working? Of course every single discourse will remember the ones that died then, but the vague superior and distant tone they are using when remembering them is itself an offense and it discovers the entire morale swamp of the nowadays political life. Nowadays politicians seem to forget that our peoples were brutally tortured and executed with cold blood in December ’89 by people who are still not being punished. This is what we should remember, in the first place, on every end of December and justice should be made to those who suffered then and are still suffering now. Our actual politicians do not seem to realize, just as they have never realized, that this sacrifice has burden them with a great responsibility. They do not realize, that, if they are not capable nor the very least able to accomplish the freedom and welfare of the ideals of the Revolution, they should, at least, have the common sense of not invoking them vainly.


Today, "revolutionary" does not stand for those who had risked or even gave their life for freedom, for those who had the courage of fighting, but for those who are claiming privileges, for those who have the nerve to demand. Houses, money, land properties, facilities, sparing from taxes; almost nothing is missing from this list of eternal demands. The fact is quite unnatural also because they have already enjoyed some heavy privileges, able to make them reach for life, but what is the greatest absurdity of them all is that we can hardly separate today the real revolutionaries in the multitude of profiteers who had seen the Revolution on television and then flooded the majority of organizations having this profile, which do no stop bursting out. Each and every one of these got reach in the last decade, of our money, just because they had the nerve of pretending to have been participated in those events and because they were sneaky enough to "persuade" the ones they had to for obtaining legitimate papers.

Today, those who had taken over control (governing the state, that is) after the Revolution seem to recall the December ’89 shootings just as a signal for starting their running towards wealth and power. They do have now, fortunes they could never justify by the law book; they do have now enough power to do almost anything and they do not hesitate to use it after their own will. Still, there is never enough power for those who are living for it. They lost the way going to democracy and to common sense and they do present such a devastating obsession for power then, the first minister, Adrian Nastase is merely playing with the government and with the very act of governing just as a child playing with his toys and dismembering them: today he decides the organization of anticipated elections, tomorrow he changes his mind. Today he resigns, tomorrow he takes it back. Today the priority consists of fighting against the corruption, which definitely presents the need of anticipated elections, although nobody can explain why nor how the same governors who are now encouraging the corruption, would eliminate it tomorrow, when they will have even less control over it then now; tomorrow, the priority is to change the Constitution so that it will easy the organization of anticipated elections.


Meanwhile, in order to polish a little bit more the atmosphere and to clearly state who has to be presented respects to in December, the president of the country is hanging on the lapels of some at least questionable characters amounts of decorations, some of these characters being at least directly responsible for the insult brought to the ideals of those who died 13 years ago.


With every anniversary of the Revolution passing, we would like to see more respect paid to those who gave their life then. Every anniversary of the Revolution passing and throughout the year we would like to see, on behalf of those who are governing, more respect being paid to the citizens, more decency in the act of governing and a lot more concrete results, in a prosperous and more human society. It is also their natural duty as human beings, and it is the best way they could possibly achieve to pay their respects to the Revolution.

It is our duty and the nicest homage we can bring to the heroes of Revolution, that is to make them do what is right and to contribute each and every one of us to the achievement of these ideals, ideal which some Romanians paid with their lives for.


Cosmin Alexandru
President, Union for the Reconstruction of Romania - URR

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