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Date: 03.04.2003


When Stupidity takes the lead

The Union for the Reconstruction of Romania - URR is thinking that the stupidity and immorality of some parliamentarian promoted by PSD and PRM have nothing to do with the political life of Romania.

In Romania, the series of circus shows given by the members of the govern on our money, after the "god-father sponsored capitalism" and the "barons of honesty" are following "the no limit parrots". The Romanian parliamentarians of PSD and PRM who were chosen to represent us are really embarrassing us not only in Romania but everywhere someone would take them to gratify their greed by exploiting their stupidity.


The farce published in newspapers is clearly representing a signal of alarm for the dead end which faces the Romanian political class from an intellectual and moral point of view. There is no datum marks, no limits. There is only the right price.


The parliament is populated (covered by the denomination of the vote on the lists) of nonentities with no scruples and no shame. Instead of resignations in the name of honor (word which is forbidden within PSD and PRM) we will most likely hear of these impostors of the public dignity only awkward explanations and stupid excuses or, as we have already used to, even some accusations made against the ones who developed this test of intelligence and morality.


We are kind of sick of all the semi- illiterate and boor parliamentarians who are only buying a mandate in order to pull some onerous business with the state and meanwhile the pauses of these "activities" are dedicating to the official luxury tourism. We have no need for the parliamentarians who for a handful of dollars and a sea cruise are accepting everything, even projects that are against the very interests of Romania.


We will make our best to not ever see in the Romanian parliament such thick-skinned masterpieces. For us, and surely for most of the Romanians bearing them has been enough. We cannot do that anymore.


Cosmin Alexandru, President
The Union for the Reconstruction of Romania - URR

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