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Date: 06.18.2003


Reshuffling with the Same Manners

The Union for the Reconstruction of Romania - URR is thinking that the reshuffling of the Nastase government is, following the mighty tradition of PSD governing only a media spectacle which is badly hiding the party's interests. The denial of the premier to cut down not only the number of portfolios but the entire overloaded executive apparatus clearly shows that the change is only formal. We think that the solution of changing 6 ministers in delegate -ministers just to be able to present the media a smaller number of portfolios, while they are keeping all their attributions and the whole package.


We are asking that in one month all new and ancient ministers, just as well as all managers of the governmental agencies should present to the public the number of employees and the structure of the departments that were created after the reorganizing, comparing to the situation they left from. A really governmental reshuffling involves the simplification of the baroque structure of the ministries. The stuffy bureaucracy of the government must be cut down because it is managing in a poor and expensive way what it has to manage to be gladly involved, in return of a fee, in the fields where the administration has nothing to do with.


The Union for the Reconstruction of Romania - URR is thinking that the reshuffling is something else than centralization. It is a bad omen that the public administration should be submitted to a minister that has never succeeded in limiting the corruption within the Police and who is manifesting an alarming tendency to take over SRI, too: it is unbelievable that this minister keep his job when Police officers are running mob networks without being sanctioned, even after their cases appear in the papers. Likewise, the new minister of Control will do nothing but amplifying the corruption each controlling institution in part could not be able to control; in reality, it can be limited only to a democratically system of control and balance between the different powers and institutions and not through the centralization of Stalin type.


Cosmin Alexandru, President

The Union for the Reconstruction of Romania - URR

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