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Date: 07.02.2003


The Radio & Television Tax or the Practice to Humiliate

The Union for the Reconstruction of Romania - URR is thinking that the radio & TV tax is a serious abuse against the Romanian citizens and against the law in Romania. Imposing a tax of over 2% higher of the minimal wage even for those that do not have radio or TV is immoral. This tax is quite big for those over 50% of Romanians that are living in poverty, even if it may seem little to the PSD leaders, who, though they have their own houses and villas do not hesitate to occupy some protocol villas that we are paying for.


The radio & TV tax in unconstitutional because it was introduced by an emergency ordinance that was modifying an organically law. It is not expressing just the despise of the PSD towards the Parliament and the law, but towards democracy in all means, being fiercely imposed by the management of the Deputy Chamber, though it had been voted by less than half of the deputies. The radio & TV tax is the very expression of the totalitarian PSD nostalgia , the need to brutally exercise the power only for the pleasure of feeling the obedience of those submitted; otherwise, it is not bringing any benefits to anyone, it is not only absurd, but it is also contra productive.


We are thinking that it is illegal and immoral to condition the payment of the electricity with the payment of radio & TV tax. Likewise, we are protesting against the humiliation the Electrica society is submitting those that have to pay at its pay desks - few and very inefficient. As a "state-owned" society that holds respects, Electrica is affording to keep in line on the street war veterans that have to ask three times for the tax release they earned to be noticed. It doesn't make any difference that many of them are fainting while sitting in line; the management of Electrica will still have the same huge wages, they will be lodges in the same holiday villas we are paying for and they will not have to explain themselves to anyone.



Cosmin Alexandru, President

The Union for the Reconstruction of Romania - URR

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