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October 22nd, 2003

The Promise of a Violent and Morally Infected Future


The Union for the Reconstruction of Romania - URR is thinking that if the 1991 - 2003 period pictured exactly the way in which the 1991 Constitution was adopted, then, nowadays, we have to foresee a violent and morally infected future. We believe the entire political class should agree at leats once in their lifetime, that in order to promote their own interests they decided or accepted that Romanians would be treated as a people of an occupied country: bribing those that are humble, highly advantaging those that are actively collaborating and menacing or blackmailing those hostile or indifferent. Even the political forces that were constantly opposing to the revision out of nationalist reasons took their part in this guilt and this because their opposition functioned more as a diversion in favor of the power than as a real position. Voting the new Constitution failed not because the extreme nationalists mobilized the votants against the hesitating provisions favoring the minorities or the foreigners, but because the revision of the Constitution gives the whole picture of the bankruptcy of the Romanian political class, which they proudly represent.

Bottomline we are in the situation of having a new Constitution forced to us by fraud, by flagrant illegalities started and organized by the central and local administration. We are being forced to bear the offence brought to us by the political class and the soiling of what should be the sacred law of each nation.

The real results of the referendum for the Constitution vote of which only approximately 30% of the Romanians voted for the revision are clearly showing the lack of legitimacy of the Romanian political class. We think that the lamentable failure of this guerilla operation which was the voting of the new Constitution should be mainly assumed by those that organized it; still, it is reflecting on all those that, in a way or another, participated to the forcing of the new Constitutions on to the people.

Cosmin Alexandru
The Union for the Reconstruction of Romania - URR

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