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February 8th, 2004

URR stand on the crisis Romania is facing in
its relations with European Union


Disappointing attitude of Romanian political class


The Union for the Reconstruction of Romania (URR) disapproves the way in which the political class has treated the profound crisis which has developed in relations between Romania and the European Union. Unfortunately, instead of launching an honest debate and assuming responsibility for this situation, the political class preferred cheap propaganda, as well as arrogant and triumphant declarations. Besides, the ruling party chose to hide the real dimensions of the crisis, in the mass-media which it controls.


The Union for the Reconstruction of Romania (URR) supports on open and honest debate of the European MP’-s’ proposals to condition the advancing of Romania’s integration negotiations on achieving concrete results in containing corruption, imposing the rule of law and ensuring human rights. On one hand, these are the internal rules of the EU, which has no reason to break them. On the other hand, enforcing these rules is in our best interest, because the type of political, social and economic organization of the EU is the only model we can aspire to. The more the Romanian political class proves its total lack of vision and fails to propose to Romanians a credible way of functioning for our public institutions, the more we need this model.


The Union for the Reconstruction of Romania (URR) is astonished and saddened to see the political opposition supporting the demagogical campaign of PSD, which has nothing in common with European values. This lack of political vision makes clearer than ever the fact that there is no real political competition, and strengthens our belief that an alternative to the current political class is more and more necessary in Romania.


We fully support European integration, but a dignified and natural one. We want our negotiators to fight for better conditions regarding problems such as export quotas for agricultural or industrial products, not for covering up corruption or the poor functioning of public institutions. We are tired of the never-ending demagogy of integration, of the countless committees and initiatives, of the avalanche of documents and triumphant declarations that ignore the profound crisis of our institutions.


The Union for the Reconstruction of Romania (URR) supports conditioning the continuation of integration negotiations on the adoption and firm enforcement of the following measures, no matter who governs Romania:


  1. Eliminating the right of the Attorney General to promote annulment procedures (extraordinary appeal) of lower courts decisions.
  2. Incompatibility between membership of Parliament and of the bar.
  3. Establishing a maximum number of files to be solved by judges, and eliminating their control by the Minister of Justice.
  4. Reform and drastic control of the secret services within the Ministry of Domestic Affairs and the Ministry of Justice, which now have the main assignment of covering corruption.
  5. Transforming the National Anti-Corruption Prosecutors Office into a specialized department of the Prosecutors Office of the High Court of Cassation and Justice or subordinating it to Parliament.
  6. Removing the National Institute for Administration and the National Agency of Public Officials from government control.
  7. Regulating by law the use of public money in advertising by public institutions and introducing an obligation for the sums spent and the use to which they are put to be declared on a monthly basis.
  8. Eliminating any subsidies, exemptions or postponed of debts to the public budget, except those approved by Parliament in situations publicly justified and in accordance with EU standards.
  9. Simplifying massively the fiscal system.
  10. Introducing the obligation for all public institutions or companies to declare publicly any data relevant to acquisitions, auctions and any other contracts.
  11. Introducing the obligation for all public employees involved in fighting corruption to declare their personal wealth.
  12. Introducing severe sanctions for those who break regulations regarding transparency and accurate declaration of wealth.


Romania’s national interest does not lie in a formal integration into the EU, to be used for political propaganda by the government of the day, but in a real alignment of the functioning of Romanian society to the functioning standards of EU countries, in order to provide Romanians with a standard of living and a relationship between the state and the citizen compatible with EU norms.


Cosmin Alexandru, President
The Union for the Reconstruction of Romania - URR


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